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About Me

A Full-Service Nail Salon

Hello, my name is Yuriria Bastardo I'm 28 yrs old I am married and have 3 amazing kiddos. I wanted to tell y'all a little bit about myself. I was 17 yrs old when I had my first Daughter, I was a Junior in High School. It was hard but I was able to finish High School with the help of my parents and husband. At that time I wanted to attend cosmetology school in Alamogordo (I even went to go check it out) but I wasn't able to due to having my child at a young age. During these years I knew I wanted to do something for myself but wasn't really sure what I wanted, I had already left behind the idea of going to cosmetology school. I thought of wanting to be a pre-school teacher, event coordinator or even have a regular working job but none of them made me get up and do it because I wasn't enthusiastic to do it. I also didn't want my kids to go to day care so that would hold me back as well from doing what I wanted to do mean while 10 years went by. In August of 2022 all of my kids entered school and I saw that they were doing good, my husband at the time was working 48/96, about a month or two later I was at home by myself I was thinking and thinking of what I should do with my live and then it hit me "NAIL TECH!!!" Something that it wasn't too long and I was capable of doing. I love art, I'm a hands on person I was like that is perfect!! That same day I called my honey (husband) and told him that I was going to go to school for Nail Technician he liked the idea so I immediately called the school and got a date to go check it out. A month later I sign papers to attend school in Milan Institute of Cosmetology of El Paso In January. Here I am 6 months later super happy for me for doing what I did but most importantly thankful for my honey and  parents for helping me out with the kiddos!! If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to do it. 

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My Mission

As a Nail Technician my mission is to help my clients express their individual styles with incomparable nails care in the sanitary yet chic atmosphere

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